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Flexi-Trak 100mm x 38mm
Flexi-Trak is an anchoring device for catheters & tubes ..
Ex Tax: $2.80
L-gel 2gm sachet - Lubricating gel ..
Ex Tax: $0.15
L-Gel tube 100gm
L-gel provides supplemental lubrication. It is clear, greaseless and non-irritating Being wate..
Ex Tax: $4.50
Simpla Cathstrap 50cm - each
Simpla Cathstrap 50cm - for the attachment or suspension of urinary bags ..
Ex Tax: $13.00
Uro-Bond IV 88ml
Uro-bond brush-on silicone adhesive is a pressure sensitive adhesive specifically formulated for uni..
Ex Tax: $105.00
Urosol 500ml
Urosol is a concetrated solution for the cleaning and deodorising of rubber and plastic urinary and ..
Ex Tax: $16.50